About Scotti

Hello and welcome to my dark little corner of the world! Pull up a chair, help yourself to a cup of coffee, even put your feet up. Get ready to be scared. All set? I know I am. Come, we’ve got places to go.

I hail from sunny California and now transplanted to Seattle. Yeah, I know. Not as sunny. But, it is a beautiful city and the dreary dark, the looming trees, the sodden leaves under my shoes, the intense quiet that can surround you, grab you, even in the middle of a downtown street – these, my friend, seem to inspire me to new vistas of my imagination.

I will write them down and share them with you.


3 thoughts on “About Scotti

  1. I edit two genre fiction podcasts, Tales to Terrify and Crime City Central. Would you allow us to narrate and air “Blind Date”? As a volunteer venture, we can’t pay for stories, but we have exceptional narrators and a large audience. Please contact me if you’re interested. Great story, by the way.

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